12th ICBEN Congress on Noise as a Public Health Problem


We gratefully acknowledge the generous financial support received by the following trusts, companies, institutions and agencies:



Michiko So Finegold Memorial Trust (MSFM Trust)

The MSFM Trust was established by ICBEN member Lawrence Finegold in the honor of his wife Michiko So Finegold who sadly passed away in 2011. The goal of the MSFM Trust is to promote research and education upon the effects of noise pollution on humans with the hope that such research and education will lead to positive actions leading to the reduction of noise pollution and hearing loss. In fulfillment of such goal, it is the purpose of the trust to provide funds to support professional societies and research projects in general and to sponsor conferences for professional development on such subjects.

The MSFM Trust's contribution to ICBEN 2017 is used to sponsor travel and accommodation of the winner of the ICBEN Award of Excellence in Research on the Biological Effects of Noise as well as to sponsor travel grants for students and young professionals.

International Commission for Acoustics (ICA)

The International Commission for Acoustics (ICA) promotes international development and collaboration in all fields of acoustics including research, development, education, and standardisation. One way this mission is accomplished is through the sponsorship and funding of specialty symposia, particularly international symposia on a specialized topic with an anticipated attendance of no more than 300.

ICAS's donation to ICBEN 2017 is used to support early career scientists from Eastern Europe.

Sonova AG

Sonova AG, headquartered in Stäfa in the Canton of Zurich is a manufacturer of hearing care solutions. Founded in 1947, the group is currently present in over 90 countries across the globe and has a workforce of more than 10 000 employees. Sonova pursues its vision of a world where everyone enjoys the delight of hearing and therefore lives a life without limitations.

Sonova AG's donation to ICBEN 2017 is unrestricted.

Swiss National Science Foundation (SNF/FNS)

The Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) is a research funding agency mandated by the Swiss Federal Government. It supports fundamental research in all academic disciplines.

SNF's donation to ICBEN 2017 is used to sponsor conference fees and travel grants.

Swiss Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN)

The Federal Office for the Environment FOEN is the Swiss government’s center of environmental expertise and is part of the Department of the Environment, Transport, Energy and Communication.

FOEN's donation to ICBEN 2017 is unrestricted. FOEN is also a co-organizer of ICBEN 2017.