12th ICBEN Congress on Noise as a Public Health Problem

Practical information

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Finding your way around

A map of Zurich and a leaflet of the local transportation network is provided in your congress bag which you will receive at the registration desk. Transportation network maps and timetables can also be downloaded at the VBZ homepage, e.g. the network map for Zurich is here. Most of the recommended hotels (→ Accomodation) are within comfortable walking distance from the congress venue, the old town, and the main station.
Hint: Install the free OffMaps2 app on your smartphone and download the map for Zurich. You can then use the app to navigate your way through the city at no roaming costs.

The official address of the congress venue is: ETH Zürich, NO-Gebäude, Clausiusstrasse 26, 8006 Zurich.
The main congress entrace will be marked with a beachflag bearing the congress logo.
The nearest tram stop is "ETH/Universitätsspital" which is served by the Tram lines 6, 9, and 10.

Getting to the main railway station ("Zürich HB") and congress venue from Zurich Airport

Note: With the Zurich local transport pass (bookable upon registration), you do not need to buy any public transportation tickets upon arrival at the airport, regardless if you take a train or a tram.

 Zurich airport (ZRH) is very close to the city centre. After arrival, you have two options:

  By train or tram

By train: In the arrival hall, follow the signs to the airport underground railway station and take the next train to or stopping at "Zürich HB", get off at the main station. Trains depart about every 5-10 minutes. The train ride to the main station is about 10 minutes.
By tram: In the arrival hall, follow the signs to the airport tram station just outside of the airport center building. Take tram Number 10 in direction "Zürich, Bahnhofplatz/HB", get off at the "ETH/Universitätsspital" stop after about 30 minutes of tram ride. The congress entrance is on Clausiusstrasse 2, 100 m from the tram stop.

The train ride is quicker, but you will have to take a short walk to the congress site from the main station or change to a tram. The airport Tram 10 is slower (22 stops), but gets you directly to the congress site.

Taxis are available in front of the arrival hall.

Getting to the congress venue from the main railway station

Note: With the Zurich local transport pass (bookable upon registration), you do not need to buy any public transportation tickets for travels within Zurich.

From the main station, the congress venue can be reached by foot in 10-15 minutes. At the main station, follow the signs towards "Bahnhofquai/Central" exits. Pass the bridge over the Limmat river to get to the "Central" square and walk up to the congress venue on the small alley "Auf der Mauer" (→ map).

On "Central" square, jump on the small funicular (the Polybahn) which will bring you up to the ETH Main building in the midst of the campus area in 1 minute.

From the main station, take tram Number 6 (Direction "Zoo") or Number 10 (Direction "Zürich Flughafen") and get off at the third stop "ETH/Universitätsspital".

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Parking space is limited in Zurich, but hotels usually provide parking lots for their guests. If you want to park a car near the congress site, please pay attention to the parking map of ETH Zurich as we do not offer dedicated parking areas for ICBEN 2017.



The congress language is English. The predominant everyday spoken language in Zurich is (Swiss) German. Note that the local variety, Swiss German, is more than slightly different from High German as it is spoken in Germany.
Zurich is a quite international city, and most people will at least be able to give you directions in English. At ETH Zurich, English became the standard teaching language in the last years. French, Italian, or Spanish are commonly heard in the streets also.


Coffee breaks and lunches

Coffee and snacks are included and are served in the atrium during the morning and afternoon breaks. A lunch buffet is provided Monday thru Thursday. It is served in the atrium during lunch breaks.


WiFi in the congress venue

Instructions to connect to the house WiFi will be provided in your congress package.

Power adapter

Switzerland uses the (not very widespread) Type J power plugs and sockets. Standard voltage is 230V. Two-pin Type C plugs (Europlug 2.5 A/250 V ungrounded) work on all sockets without adapter. Some hotels may also have wall outlets that take Type F ('Schuko') plugs or will provide Type F to Type J adapters to their guests to connect to the local sockets. To be on the safe side anytime, it's best to buy an adapter at one of the electronics shops in the shopping area at the airport railway station after arrival.
There will also be a limited number of different adapters available at the registration desk for charging your laptops and cellphones.
(Further info on plugs and sockets used worldwide: http://www.iec.ch/worldplugs/)

Currency & Tipping

The Swiss Franc (CHF) is the currency of Switzerland. Hotels/Restaurants usually also accept EUR and sometimes USD banknotes but will give change in Swiss Francs. VISA/AMEX/MASTERCARD credit cards and Maestro debit cards are accepted virtually everywhere, including shops, ATMs (called "Bancomat" in Switzerland), and SBB ticket vending machines.

Service is always included in restaurants and bars. Modest tipping and rounding up is common for good service (5-10%).


Zurich's climate in early summer is usually nice and warm with occasional showers and sometimes thunderstorms in the evenings. Average day temperatures in June are around 20-25 degrees Celsius.


Zurich is a very safe place for tourists and business travelers. There aren't any no-go areas. As with any other city, the usual security precautions apply.





Overview central Zurich: Main station, Congress venue, Social evening location


Location of NO building within ETH Zurich campus area




Floor plans of the NO building


Level C

Level D