12th ICBEN Congress on Noise as a Public Health Problem

Presenter information

Instructions for oral talks

The presence of at least one presenting author of an accepted oral contribution at the congress is obligatory. Presenters must register as participants.
All presenters should bring their presentation slides (in PowerPoint or PDF format) on a USB flash drive and must upload them in the speaker room (D53) the day before their presentation at the latest. Please name your presentation as follows: Oral_AbstractID_Surname.ppt(x), e.g. "Oral_3281_Smith.ppt". Please use standard slide size (4:3). Otherwise, there are no specific format requirements for slides. Make sure that you fully embed all fonts, images, video and audio when saving your presentation. Please note that you will not be able to use your own laptop for the presentations. The congress staff will assist authors in uploading their files.

All lecture theaters are equipped with a PC running Microsoft PowerPoint and Adobe Acrobat Reader, a projector and screen, systems for audio playback and a laser pointer. Requests for special equipment must be made to the congress secretariat in advance. If you want to use audio playback in your presentation, make sure you use a standard format for audio objects (wav, mp3) and embed all audio objects in your presentation.

Duration of talks: In the structured sessions of Subject Areas 1-9, the oral talks last 15 minutes (incl. questions and changeover to the next speaker), in Subject Area 10 (Low frequency noise and vibration conference), all talks have a duration of 30 minutes (incl. questions and changeover to the next speaker). Overview talks given by ICBEN team chairs in the plenary morning sessions are also 30 minutes long. The keynote lectures have a duration of 45 minutes including questions and discussion. Please consult the online program about the location, time and duration of your presentation.

The session chairs have the responsibility to ensure that the sessions stay on time, and will enforce this timing.
Presenters must identify themselves to the session chair in the lecture theatre before the start of their session.
In the event that an author does not appear for his or her presentation, a gap will be left in the program so that all other presentations will take place at the times announced in the program. 

Instructions for posters

The presence of at least one poster author of an accepted poster contribution at the congress is obligatory. Poster authors must register as participants.
Posters must be size A0, 84.1 cm wide and up to 118.9 cm high. They must be in portrait format. Poster authors are asked to mount their poster on the poster walls in the Atrium at their earliest convenience, i.e. on Sunday afternoon before the welcome reception or on Monday morning. The location where individual posters should be mounted will be tagged with the Abstract ID (which can be looked up in the confirmation email sent to authors as well as in the online program). Please be aware that a "Poster Blitz" session will take place where authors can advertise their poster in front of the congress audience (→ see next point).

Poster Blitz (Tuesday, 13:30 h)

To enhance the attention to posters at the congress, there will be a plenary "Poster Blitz" session exclusively dedicated to the posters on Tuesday, from 13:30 h until 14:45 h in Room C60. Each poster author is given the opportunity to very briefly present his/her poster during max. 100 seconds. Poster authors are requested to prepare one PowerPoint slide (4:3, landscape orientation) advertising their poster and deliver it to the congress staff in the speaker room (D53) until Monday, 18:30 h. Please name the slide as follows: Poster_AbstractID_Surname.ppt(x), e.g. "Poster_3281_Smith.ppt". The slide will then be shown in the Poster Blitz session during your appearance on stage. The order of appearance will be determined by the Poster Blitz chairperson. Please show up at the lecture desk in room C60 10 minutes before the start of the Poster Blitz.